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Help a Diabetic. Donate Diabetes Supplies.

Donate Diabetes Supplies

There are many Diabetics in the United States without Medical insurance. Think about how much Diabetic Supplies cost. There is Insulin, Glucometers, Test strips, Ketone strips, Syringes, Insulin pumps, Reservoirs, Infusion sets, Tapes, Wipes, etc. This doesn't even include the cost of Doctors & tests. Diabetes is not a cheap disease!!! Just to give you some idea of how much these supplies cost. A bottle of Novolog Insulin sells at Target Pharmacy for $60.39. Some diabetics use 2 or more vials a month. A box of 100 One touch Ultra test strips sells for $84.99 at Target Pharmacy. These were the cheapest prices I could find. Insulin pump supplies are very expensive as well. A box of 12 infusion sets costs about $130.00.

So I thought it would be incredible if some of us with extra supplies could share them with those that need them. If you have extra supplies that you would like to share with others you can notify me by emailing me at Kimberly Advent

If you are someone who is in need of supplies then please email me Kimberly Advent. Tell me what supplies you need the most. I will start a list of what is needed.

If you don't have extra supplies to donate but, would still like to help I will also take donations of money. I can then buy the supplies that are needed. All donations are appreciated!!!

I am not a Non profit organization. I am just one person trying to help diabetics that can not afford supplies. I can not give you a receipt for your taxes. Unfortunately only a Non profit can do that. At this time I am no longer able to pay out of pocket for postage & shipping material. So I am forced to ask that the person asking for donated supplies pay their own postage. I hate to do this but, I have been unable to come up with any ways to make money for postage. If anyone have any real good idea's how I could raise money for postage I would love to hear it. Write to me at

Thank you!!!

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A plea for help

Below I am adding a letter I received from a very concerned parent. She needs your help. I am going to ask you all to dig deep & if you are able to help this woman's daughter please contact me. Thank you.


Hi. Oh how I wish you and your site was around when we found out about our daughter.She was a month from turning 10 when we found out. Like your daughter my daughter had also had the flu and then came down with diabetes. She's getting ready to turn 21 in April of this year, she's now a mother of 2 baby boys. It's been tough on her. She's always had a problem with high levels but A1C always ran below 8.0. while she was carrying my grandbabies they put her on the pump and out of all the years she didn't run high anymore. She's in wonderful control. This is the bad part. She has told me that as of February 2004, Medicaid will drop her. and she will have to go back to using shots for she's been unable to get insurance and on top of that she told me that starting next week she's out of supplies for the pump. I'm unable to help her money wise so I did the only they I could do and that was try to find someone to please help my baby girl. So if there is anyway you could point me in the right direction on how to help my little girl I would be so thankful I worry about her everyday as I'm sure you do your's. I also worry about her not being around for those sweet little boys of hers. My friends tell me I worry too much but as a mother that had to watch her little girl face this at a young age and to have that sweet little face look up at you with tears in there eyes at the age of 10 and tell you that don't want to die, well you know..I know I don't have to say anymore for reading your pages I could tell that the same pain I went thru and still go thru you did to so I know you understand what it's like. So if you could help my daughter out, I would be so thankful and now that I know about your site if I come across supplies that you could use to help others out there, I would be so happy to send them to you so please attach some info on that also. Once again I hope you can help if not I understand. Thank you and May God bless you and yours and bless your site.

Doll Petrelli

People will not remember what you said nor what you did
But they will remember how you made them feel.
To the World, You may be One Person,
but to One Person, You may be the World!
May your day be blessed with lots of smiles and sunshine..

Here is another Woman that needs your help.

Hi, my name is Jenny Lewis and I was browsing online and found your website.

I am a 21 year old single mother that delevoped diabetes during pregnancy and I now have type II diabetes. While I was pregnant I had medicaid and they supplied my test strips and lancets. However six weeks after I had my son I lost my medical card and can no long get my supplies. Since I am a single mother I can not afford to buy these as you know they are really expensive. I have tried to get help everywhere around my community but haven't had any success. If you can help me in any way I would really appreciate it and if not I do understand. I'm suppose to check my blood sugar 12 times a day (when i wake up, before meals, one hour after meals, two hours after meals and so on...) The machine that I have is One Touch Ultra. I have about 15 test strips at the moment as I have been trying to conserve them because I don't know when I will get anymore test strips. If you need anymore information please feel free to contact me. Again I appreciate your time and I understand if there aren't enough supplies to help at the time...but I thought it would be worth a try....and I also wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is that you have pulled this website together to help others in situations like myself.


Jenny Lewis

Needs help with pump supplies


My name is Tonja Stell. I was diagnosed in 2002 with Diabetes. I have been struggling with getting help on buying the supplies and medication that I need..Right now I cannot get any help from any of the State programs for I do not have children, am not disabled and I am not over 65 years old. There is not a program out there to help a very low- income person to get the medication and supplies needed..I am needing the pump supplies for the Paradigm Insulin Pump..Right now the only supplies I need are the Quick-Set Plus infusion sets.. I also could use some of the I.V. Prep wipes too. I am doing fine with the reservoirs. I am currently down to just 12 infusions left..I hope to be hearing from you soon..Thanks so much...

Tonja Stell

Wish List

Here is a list of Diabetes Supplies that we are in need of. If you have extra supplies that you would be willing to donate please email me Kimberly Advent

  • IV3000 Tape
  • Bard Protective Barrier Film
  • 3.0 ML Reservoir
  • Sof-Set Micro Infusion Set - any length
  • One Touch Ultra Test Strips
  • Accu-Check comfort curve advantange and complete
  • New Glucometer of any kind
  • Quick-Set Plus infusion sets
  • IV Wipes
  • Ascensia breeze test strips by Bayer
  • prestige smart system test strips by Walgreen
  • TheraSense FreeStyle glucose test strips

A visitor to my site recently contacted BD & was able to get coupons for free syringes & a phone number where you can get a new glucometer. Here is the number 1-866-242-3269. I hope this will help someone.

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